A Statewide Experiment
in Student-Driven Learning

Why a statewide experiment?

Only Ohio has law flexible enough to design the freedoms both teachers and teens need.

Our 830 high schools provide the intellectual, cultural, and resource diversity needed
to test transformative curricula.

Our schools and teens run from the vast CMHA developments of eastern Cleveland, to the sparse Appalachian foothills; from the wealthy suburban districts of Cincinnati to the rural farmlands near Bowling Green. Our school districts come in all sizes. Our colleges offer nearly sixty schools of education.

We're a hop from the leading city of educational innovation: Pittsburgh.

We're home to NASA, the USAF Materiel Command, 20 major art museums, six Presidential centers & museums, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the Ohio & Erie Canal, and a host of local history centers of #place-based_learning. We boast the world-renowned Columbus Zoo plus a dozen zoos and aquariums, the world's only PhD program in Biomimicry and the world-class National Center for Additive Manufacturing (3-D printing ). Our theater districts rival any outside London and Broadway.

We're not testing another model school. Or another model support program. This experiment evolves all schools to match the connected age.


Our Law Allows for Binge-Learning;
for Deep and Immersive Engagement

What if school was more like "binge-watching"? (Only with less watching and far more doing?)

People Obsess about Things

The job of education may be to give you larger, more important things to obsess about.

A State for Custom Learning Contracts

Only in Ohio does every teen have the right to design their own course, join an existing class nearly anywhere, or choose from nearly any coursework they and adults can imagine.

For those teens, the custom learning contract is the legal path to change their learning.

With this, we can smoothly transition from the tyranny of the classroom period

Trapped in the High School OS Kernel

Why does high school resist transformation? What’s the key to re-imagining school?

How do we really transform high school for all students? From Bakersfield to Malvern, PA, to South Boston to the Gulf Shores? How do we bring in the kind of innovation and talent that characterizes movies, games, smartphones, and the larger, transformed world?

Cities of Learning

"The Evolution of Learning" from LRNG on Vimeo.

Ohio is home to two LRNG / MacArthur Cities of Learning:

They lead the world in using OpenBadges for beyond-school learning.

Rural Teens

These rural teens are done with school. Did they learn enough?

When your school has 161 students, and there's no community college, no museum, few college-degreed adults,... do you get the options you need?


Open Source

The Cathedral and the Bazaar The seminal work dividing the "factory model" of software from the era of today.

"Good programmers know what to write. Great ones know what to rewrite (and reuse)."

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