A Statewide Experiment

How Will We Start?

Coming Initiatives

While the experiment has been ongoing for more than four years, it's so far been funded with only sweat equity and at best $100-200 a month from ancilliary earnings.

So, what will we do? What would we do with $500 in funds? $1000? $10,000? $300K?

Grow Teen Awareness of the Hackable High School Options

Let Teens and Others Know They Have Options

Can we get 40,000 teens (of 600,000) using the Credit Flex option?

Grow (with Teens' Help)
the Number of Custom Learning Options


Can we inspire 100 new pathways of 1/8 unit or greater?

Incubate a Model Transformation of an Existing Curriculum

From one that's Innovative in content but standard in implementation

To one that's modular, student-drivern, badge-based, hacked, hackable, community-connected, and transformational.

Ask us for the details.

Vectors of the Statewide Experiment

Teen Awareness

When Ohio rolled out it's credit flex option, it targeted district staff. But it did little to inform teens, parents and community of the possibilities.
Our awareness-building campaign includes:
  • Logo contest
  • Poster contest
  • Video contest
  • Tiny-Office design contest
  • Marketing Plan Contest
It can be as simple as letting them know that Khan Academy or CK-12 is a viable way to learn and practice trig.

Or letting them know an arts center in their area offers a credit-flex class.

Collecting & Sharing Learning Paths

To make use of this option, most teens, teachers, and community members need templates.
How can we encourage those presently using credit flex to document and share their learning plans?
BadgeHS is a prototype platform to share learning paths.
Recently we met two HS teachers with a complete year of personalized learning options for an American History class. Let's capture this in form easily replicable for T's and teens everywhere. So that it can be tested, amended, altered, and iterated in classrooms across the land.

Create & Share
New Learning Paths

Working with professionals, teachers, teens, community orgs, and univerisities around the state.
Example: Full stack Web programming with Ruby on RAILS
Some Playlists for High School Credit.
A Day in High School 2018

Help Others Create and Iterate Custom Learning Paths as Well

Meeting All Youth
Building #NextGenHS Courses — For Far Less Than $5 Million Each
Custom Learning Path Blueprints
Advancing the Expanded Learning Ecosystem

Our Needs

(If you don't know the founder, he's done this, for five years, in Appalachia, with near minimum-wage earnings from other sources.)

Resource Use
Gas Card Continue to grow the team in Ohio.
(The HHS model and our plans are too much to explain in less than ~ two 11/2 hour, one-on-one meetings.
And Ohio is a bigger state than you'd think.)
$100-1000 Some things we're struggling to cover this month:
  • Visit two high-poverty schools we have invites to in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.
  • Next month's Adobe and webhost provider bills for this website ($50)
  • 1-3 copies of our own book. ($10)
  • Replace transmission and wheel bearing in vehicle.
$1000 | $250/mo (four months) Auto mileage to grow the team. With the receipts beyond gas costs, can cut back on driving for Uber and put the time toward more productive use for teens.
Meet teens in experimental classrooms. We know a number, and we have invites. We just can't get there.
Meet with a number of potential partners we started to build relationships with in 2016.
(The cash that comes with a @4pt0Schools Tiny Fellowship).
Begin to test things with teens and others.
We plan a specific test that will incorporate many of the elements discussed on this website to bundle several kinds of learning missing from most schools into an evolving, customizable, transparent, testable package.
$50-500k Seriously run this initiative. The way an R&D project this advanced (and this scaleable) deserves to be run.

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